We’re often asked “How do I get my website to appear at the top of Google Searches?”

First of all it’s a good idea to get an understanding of how a search engine works. Over the last couple of years, search engines like Google have really evolved to start thinking about website content, just like we users do.

Previously websites included a section in the code for meta-keywords, which allowed you to define 10 or so ‘keywords’ about the page, that search engines could use to understand what the page was about. Now search engines look at different variables to define not only what a page is about, but how likely it is to contain what you are looking for. They take into account things like the page name, the headings on a page, all the words on a page – and how many times each of the words you are searching for appear within that page. Are their synonyms for the words you are searching for also on the page? How many other sites are linking to that page? And then using this data, they try and display a list of the sites that they think would be the most relevant for what you are looking for.

View the video below for a quick introduction into how Google Search works, put together by the good folks over at Google.

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