The world wide web is an active and changing beast, that is extremely hard to keep up with. Constantly updating, ever expanding and always innovating, it can be a little much for all of us sometimes. Thankfully we have powerful search engines like Google and Bing, that help us sort through the information so we can find exactly what we need. But what if we could keep up-to-date with as many topics as we wanted, without even typing in a search query?

Google has a not so commonly used tool, Google Alerts, that helps users to keep in the loop with their favourite topics. Google Alerts is a content change detection and notification service, that automatically notifies users of new content relevant to their favourite topics. The notifications are sent via email.

All a user has to do is input what topics/information they want to receive updates about, how often they want to receive them, the volume of results and the type of results. Types of results include everything (as in everything!), news, blogs, video and discussions.

Not only is this tool great for finding out all of the new information about my favourite sporting team, it is also a great tool for businesses to use as well. For example, it could help you keep track of your competitors activities, or innovation in your industry.

Google alert example for keyword Townsville

Image: Google alert example for keyword 'Townsville'

So save yourself some time, and have all of the new information your (not) looking for, emailed directly to your inbox. Try Google Alerts today.

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