“Ground Premium Beef with caramelised onion, freshly sliced tomato, crispy lettuce, juicy beetroot, succulent bacon, fried egg, cheese and BBQ sauce.” Try typing that out, while ogling seemingly endless pictures of delicious looking burgers. This is all while the limp lettuce from my boring ham sandwich slides into my lap. It is most definitely not a pretty picture. The sandwich I mean.

We recently launched a website for Townsville’s newest gourmet burger bar T.U.B.E and boy was it hard work. More than once I contemplated sneaking from the office to get myself a Gone Troppo burger; with its LIGHTLY SMOKED bacon, FRESH lettuce, JUICY tomato, TASTY cheddar and FRESH pineapple relish. Gosh adjectives go well in front of burger ingredients don’t they?

If you are a burger fan like myself you will want to take a peek at T.U.B.E’s online menu. Beef, Chicken, Fish and Veg Burgers, as well as all the sides, sauces and drinks (INCLUDING BEER) you could ever want to go with it. Oh and they do live music sometimes too. Did they create this place just for me?!

So go and get your mouth watering at t-u-b-e.com.au or even better head to Gregory street on the Strand to sample the goods for yourself.

A warning though – don’t check out the website on an empty stomach.

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