Ever thrown your computer out of the window in frustration because you don’t know enough about your website and other internet stuff? No I haven’t either but you can imagine it can’t you. Maybe you’ve even dreamed about it. Well never fear, Mojito’s awesomely informative workshops are here!

After sold out and successful education workshops in 2010 and 2011 we are bringing them back to you in 2012. Here at Mojito we believe that the world will continue to exist past December 21st this year, and that continued education and training is key to your future business success.

We will be conducting workshops on a wide range of topics, including e-mail marketing, social media, working with images, statistics and videos on the web. It is going to be hands on and intimate (oooo), as our new workshops will be limited to a maximum of 8 people. This means you get to practice what we preach, as we preach it! WOW! Don’t worry it won’t be too boring, especially if the dog gets loose in the office again. Let’s not go there.

Our first workshop of the new year will be on Thursday the 9th of February, and will be all about email marketing; a great tool to help you conect with your customers and clients.

Want more information on the education? Call or email us today!

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