A website can be an extremely valuable asset for any kind of business. In today’s fast paced, iPhone using, phonebook burning society the World Wide Web is for many a significant source of information. Because smart phones are a portable platform that can be used virtually anywhere it makes sense to not only have a website, but to have a website that is compatible with these devices.

Not a month ago I needed to find a local mechanic. The phonebook didn’t even cross my mind as I typed ‘Townsville Mechanics’ into my smart phone. I chose the first mechanic I found with a decent looking website and clear contact details and I was away. In the same day I needed to find car parts for the tin can I call a car. Once again I jumped on my phone and Googled ‘spare Toyota parts Townsville’.

With the unprecedented rise in the popularity of smart phones and tablet devices in recent years you would have to be an April fool to buy a website that didn’t work on these devices. And its only FEBRUARY! A small business without a compatible website may be missing out on potential customers, especially those generation y’ers with their smart phones and their weird haircuts.

So if you want a website that is going to stay young, fresh and wrinkle free contact us at Mojito Solutions today.

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