WARNING: You are about to read a shameful plug and blatant advertisement for our upcoming workshops. These workshops will be filled with valuable education that is going to benefit you and your business and the way in which you develop customer relationships and continue to interact with your customers.

Interested? Read on… .

At Mojito we are all about the continued education and training of our clients. Since the beginning we have run workshops on a range of different topics like email marketing, images on the web and the use of social media. In 2012 we decided it was time for a change so we cut the class sizes, brought the party to the office and added sandwiches. Yep, sandwiches. Mojito Catering? Who knows….

So far we have received great feedback from our intimate little classes, as due to the class size our ‘students’ are able to fully partipate while we teach. So I hope you want to get your hands dirty!

Our next workshop is going to be on Email Marketing and will be held as a half day on Saturday the 24th of March – light lunch and a workbook is included.

We will also be holding a 2 hour workshop about Editing Videos for the Web on Wednesday April 4th at 5:30pm.

So if you wish to sign up, or want some more information Contact Us today.

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