Providing your online audiences with clear and professional photographs is a vital step in improving your online business. If you’re selling your products online or show casing your services, nothing beats tantalizing your products online and captivating potential clients with beautiful images.

Since your potential and current clients can’t physically touch or see your products online, having a well-lit and clear photograph can best represent your products / services. Follow these tips below to help avoid this!


You don’t need to have the latest camera equipment shipped straight from Japan to have great looking images. Understanding your camera’s settings and functions can really make the difference between a sharp and out of focused shot. An overexposed or a well balanced lit shot. Put some time and work into your shots, don’t be afraid to research. Hiring a professional is an option if you want consistency and avoiding the fuss!


Nothing looks worse than having a poorly lit photograph. Often details become lost and colours are not true to their representation. Understanding how to use flash can really knock this problem. Learn how to bounce and diffuse light. Alternatively you can use sunlight and diffuse the light with a white cloth to soften the shadow transition of your products. Have a quick Google search on photography tips and techniques depending on your equipment.


Get your product in a position that showcases itself and the usage. Avoid visual distractions that have nothing to do with the product or service. The photograph itself should be able to sell itself without words attached. Photographing it on a basic background such as white seamless or clutter free environments puts the focus on your product!


Don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles and perspectives. Give some macro settings a go and get real close up on the product’s detail. Have a wide perspective shot of the product as a whole to really emphasize what it looks like. Experiment!

These are just some tips that will help you along with your online products / services and represent them in the best light possible. Photography is a crucial component that builds your company’s brand and image.

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