One of the keys to success of any small business is to keep in regular contact with its customers. At Mojito we’ve found that Email Marketing is a great way to keep in contact and build customer relationships.

Email Marketing can help promote your new and existing products and services, create hype amongst your customers, increase brand loyalty and even lead to sales… Cha-Ching!!!

But it’s not all about dollars and cents. Campaigns can help create community awareness about your business. This can be achieved through emails highlighting news about your business, or even any charity or community work that the business is involved in. This type of campaign helps to build community support for your business and in-turn keep your business at the top of consumer’s minds.

To help get you started with your new Email Marketing campaign, we are offering you half price on our Managed Email Marketing Package. The Email Marketing Package includes:

  • 1 newsletter per month for 6 months
  • Development of an email marketing strategy
  • Design of your newsletter template
  • Content written for all of the newsletters
  • One photo shoot with our in-house photographer

So if better relationships and potential sales sound good to you, then contact us at Mojito Solutions for more information.

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Well it has been an interesting month of work for me, as is usually the case when one starts a new job. Everything’s new; new boss, new ideas, even a new laptop. More importantly though, I have discovered and am learning to use a range of online tools which to me, are new. I am amazed at the amount of free tools around, specifically the tools being offered by Google.

Google offers a variety of tools that when used correctly can be of great benefit to any business with a website. One tool that I have recently discovered is Google Places for business. Google Places is a free service that helps potential customers and clients connect with your business. Potentially, your business can be placed at the top of Google’s search results without you having to pay a cent! Your business will also appear on Google maps! This really is an exciting prospect for small businesses as some companies will spend thousands of dollars vying for that top spot.

Another great tool to help businesses to connect with existing and potential clients is e-newsletters. An email marketing campaign can help to create brand awareness, as well as inform readers of new products and services. A great free tool to create and distribute e-mail campaigns is Mail Chimp. Mail chimps helps you design, send and track your results all from the one spot.

Although a little time consuming, these online marketing tools and others can really help your business to flourish online, and translate to sales offline. If you need help managing your online marketing, contact us at Mojito and we’ll be happy to help.

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