Updated your business’ Facebook page recently? Noticed anything different? Well if you have you would know that on March 30th 2012 Facebook rolled out a compulsory change over to all business pages to the new layout; Facebook Timeline.

Ultimately the change means that the way that your business information is displayed is different, and it makes it easier for fans of your page to view the history of your business. Facebook shifted to Timeline in an attempt to help small businesses, like yours, to engage with their customers easier and build better relationships with them. It encourages business to share and put a face behind the logo or shop front.

Features of Facebook Timeline include:

  1. The Cover Photo – this photo is visible to everyone and is a great way to introduce your brand and highlight what it is you do
  2. Milestones – when you add an update you can set it as a milestone. Milestones cover the full width of the page and are used to highlight important happenings in your business. An example may be “Grand Opening”.
  3. Pinning a story – you can pin a new post to the top of your page each week so people notice what’s important. This will stay at the top of your page for seven days. This is a great spot to advertise a week long special or recent news!

Sound good to you? It is! Although you should be aware that there are some rules in regards to your COVER photo. Cover Photo’s may not include:

  • Price or purchase information, such as “40% off” or “Download it at our website”
  • Contact information, such as web address, email, mailing address or other information intended for your Page’s ‘About’ section.
  • References to user interface elements, such as Like or Share, or any other Facebook site features
  • Calls to action, such as “Get it now” or “Tell your friends”

So if you have been neglecting your business’ Facebook, or don’t have one yet, jump on and see what’s changed. It’s easy to update or start one from scratch.

If you are looking for some inspiration, what could be more inspiring than our page. Check it out here: Mojito Solutions Facebook

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One of the keys to success of any small business is to keep in regular contact with its customers. At Mojito we’ve found that Email Marketing is a great way to keep in contact and build customer relationships.

Email Marketing can help promote your new and existing products and services, create hype amongst your customers, increase brand loyalty and even lead to sales… Cha-Ching!!!

But it’s not all about dollars and cents. Campaigns can help create community awareness about your business. This can be achieved through emails highlighting news about your business, or even any charity or community work that the business is involved in. This type of campaign helps to build community support for your business and in-turn keep your business at the top of consumer’s minds.

To help get you started with your new Email Marketing campaign, we are offering you half price on our Managed Email Marketing Package. The Email Marketing Package includes:

  • 1 newsletter per month for 6 months
  • Development of an email marketing strategy
  • Design of your newsletter template
  • Content written for all of the newsletters
  • One photo shoot with our in-house photographer

So if better relationships and potential sales sound good to you, then contact us at Mojito Solutions for more information.

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“Ground Premium Beef with caramelised onion, freshly sliced tomato, crispy lettuce, juicy beetroot, succulent bacon, fried egg, cheese and BBQ sauce.” Try typing that out, while ogling seemingly endless pictures of delicious looking burgers. This is all while the limp lettuce from my boring ham sandwich slides into my lap. It is most definitely not a pretty picture. The sandwich I mean.

We recently launched a website for Townsville’s newest gourmet burger bar T.U.B.E and boy was it hard work. More than once I contemplated sneaking from the office to get myself a Gone Troppo burger; with its LIGHTLY SMOKED bacon, FRESH lettuce, JUICY tomato, TASTY cheddar and FRESH pineapple relish. Gosh adjectives go well in front of burger ingredients don’t they?

If you are a burger fan like myself you will want to take a peek at T.U.B.E’s online menu. Beef, Chicken, Fish and Veg Burgers, as well as all the sides, sauces and drinks (INCLUDING BEER) you could ever want to go with it. Oh and they do live music sometimes too. Did they create this place just for me?!

So go and get your mouth watering at t-u-b-e.com.au or even better head to Gregory street on the Strand to sample the goods for yourself.

A warning though – don’t check out the website on an empty stomach.

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Do you want to work in the web industry? We’re currently looking for creative, motivated and passionate people for the following positions:

Online Marketing Specialist

Do you love helping people? Want to work with online tools such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube? We’re looking for someone with a friendly and outgoing personality to assist our clients with strategic online marketing. Read full Position Description – Online Marketing

Web Designer

Love designing websites? We have the perfect job for you. From simple one page placeholders, to extensive database driven sites and e-commerce stores we specialise in combining technology and design to create innovative (and user-friendly) websites. Experience in print design and/or HTML/CSS/Javascript/PHP would be advantageous. Read full Position Description – Web Designer

Both positions, are flexible part-time/casual and would suit students studying Marketing, Graphic Design, New Media or Information Technology (IT), with the potential for full-time employment for the right person.

Sound like you? To apply, email your resume, portfolio and cover letter to katrina@mojitosolutions.com

Applications close 5pm Thursday 12th May 2011.

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Today we’ve officially just launched our new website and rebranding for 2011. This is the third redesign we’ve done of our website and logo, and so far it’s certainly my favourite. Over the last 3 years, we’ve been growing as a business in terms of size and what we want to achieve, and I think our new branding reflects that.

Mojito Solutions Logo and Website V1 – 2007/2008

Mojito Logo V1

This was the very first logo I had ever designed. It was a bit of a rush job as I just wanted to get some business cards printed and needed them done ASAP. Over the years, we’ve kept with the same concept of the blue, green and mint leaf, but the style of the logo has become fresher and crisper.

Mojito Website 2007

Mojito Solutions Logo and Website V2 – 2009/2010

This logo was my first attempt at simplifying our branding. We went with a simple, clean, rounded font, freshened up the colours, and revamped the leaf design. I always felt that the logo didn’t quite feel solid enough, and the text was a bit narrow, which is what led to the creation of a new logo in 2011.

In the second version of our website. We simplified everything and cleaned up the overall look, but we didn’t really plan out the home page very well and I always felt there was a bit too much whitespace.

Mojito Solutions Logo and Website V3 – 2011

Right now i’m really loving our new logo and website. It has a sleek, professional, corporate feel, while still giving the vibe of a fun, young company. Once again we’ve tweaked the blue and green colours again slightly, going with a brigher blue and using gradients to work between them. This is the first version of the logo where we haven’t gone with a white background. We’ve completly revamped the leaf design, simplifying it to be more of an icon.

We’ve tried to simplify the design of the site, while at the same time allowing room for us to build up the content and add to it over the upcoming years. Eventually we’re hoping to integrate in more pictures, videos and an online support area full of articles and tutorials.

So what do you think?

We’d love to know what you think of our new logo and website – write us a comment below.

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I’ve been wanting to setup a blog for the business for years now, but have never seemed to get the time to actually sit down and do it. Well that is all about to change. If you’re not familiar with Blogs, basically they are an informal communication tool where individuals (or businesses) write articles, and visitors can reply with comments.

What to expect?
We’re planning on writing an article a week on a range of topics from new features we’re offering, ideas and innovations, tips and tricks, upcoming events, and just general news. Got a topic you want to hear about? Post a comment below and let us know.

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